Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well it's October 12, 2011 and this is my first official post yay!!! (...and the crowd goes wild!) Now that I've gotten that awkward first sentence out of the way i can actually chat about whats been on my mind lately. September 22 Mac Cosmetics launched a new foundation, the Match Master. I've watched a few promo videos and YouTube reviews on this particular foundation and from what I've seen its the Holy Grail of all foundations, it has a wide range of colors which blends in flawlessly and its most attractive feature is its ability to mimicking natural skin texture. Over the past year I've become a huge Mac fan. I'm a Nc50 in mac studio fix fluid and i love the way it looks on me... well sometimes, other times it leave a grayish tent to my skin which can be very unnatural. Fortunately, this new foundation has neither red or yellow under tones, which makes this product even more irresistible. Mac's Match Master foundation is something I'll being definitely trying  soon!